The Flashes, ongoing 

'Flashes' refer, typically in North West England, to wetlands, lakes and marshes which flood ground once degraded by coal mining subsistence. Now, where there was once only desolate wasteland, life has since flourished. 'The Flashes' reimagines this landscape; as an animation which grows out of 3D visualisation software and in printed artefacts made using coal dust. Together, these new renderings represent shift from industrial processes and materials to so-called 'immaterial' labour, the outsourcing of this labour ‘elsewhere’ and at the possibilities of life after human intervention. Captions from a coal mining glossary and use of coal dust underline that, despite the label post-industrial, we are unceasingly reliant on matter.

The Flashes [Version 1], 2019. Digital animation, 05:00.

The Flashes [Version 2], 2019. Digital animation, 10:00.

Installation shots from the exhibition Not Photography, curated by David Penny and Sylvia Waltering, at Bankley Gallery, Manchester. Image credits: Not Photography.