Softbodies, 2017

Scaffold, treated latex, A0 digital prints on Japanese Kozo paper, screen triptych showing looped 3D animations.

Corridor8 Review︎

Softbodies employs 3D CGI graphics, digital print and sculpture to explore bodily relationships to both matter and immaterial processes: 

or Soft Body Dynamics:
A field of computer graphics that allows for visually realistic physical simulations of the motion and properties of deformable objects. 
For instance:
a rubber ball bouncing off a polished concrete floor,
a fleshy mass pressed up against an unyielding metal surface,
a sheet of fabric pulled down by gravity until it meets resistance,
gathering in a pool.
digital avatar, 
profile picture, 
soothing filter. 

And the tired, bruised shell that awkwardly hunches over
liquid crystal display clutched in palm.

Now peeled away from the surface of the screen,
the static charge of latex attracts specks of dust and strands of hair.
Fingerprints on glossy membrane show traces of careless handling 
and scars form where it snags on sharp edges.
All this matter: 
it’s too heavy
and too inefficient.

So retreat,
back to screen,
and try to repair, 

* Photographs courtesy of Jules Lister.

Elements of Softbodies was later part of Cut Cloth, an exhibition, publication and series of workshops that examine the shifting role of textiles within contemporary feminist art practices.

*Images courtesy of Harry Meadley.