PIP 3: Mathew Parkin & Charlotte Cullen, Mud Mask


For PIP 3, artist Mathew Parkin screened 3 recent moving-image works. Charlotte Cullen then developed a series text and print responses to the films which were read / performed during the event. 

Mathew Parkin work screened:

1. Mud Mask, 2017 (08:00)
2. Test, 2017 (08:00)
3. Vaseline, 2018 (40:00)

Charlotte Cullen references:

Corby, V. (2010) Eva Hesse: Longing, Belonging and Displacement
Smithson, R. (1968) A Sedimentation of the Mind: Earth Projects
Sappho. (n.d.) Atthis, you looked at what I was
Kraus, C. (1997) I Love Dick
Steedman, C. (1986) Landscape for a Good Woman. A Story of Two Lives

*Images courtesy of Jules Lister.